Python bindings to the XOSD library

PyOSD is a python module for displaying text on your X display, much like the "On Screen Displays" used on TVs and some monitors.

Download the latest release: pyosd-0.2.14.tar.gz. If you're still using XOSD 1.x, download 0.2.5 instead - the final release for 1.x.

Update, Mon 29-Aug-2005

Update, Thu 25-Aug-2005


Why can I display text interactively, but not in a script?

Text is displayed in a different thread, so you need to keep the program running long enough to see the text. Usually this means adding the following function call at the end of your program:


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Update, Thu 27-Jan-2005

Update, Fri 29-Oct-2004

Update, Mon 25-July-2004

Update, Mon 01-Mar-2004

Update, Mon 23-Feb-2004

    >>> import pyosd
    >>> p = pyosd.osd()
    >>> p.set_align(pyosd.ALIGN_CENTER)
    >>> p.display("hello")

Update, Sat 18-Jan-2004

Update, Sat 19-Apr-2003

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